In this second part of four posts, we’re looking at the influence type in DISC.

I’s are active people-oriented. They aren’t afraid of attention. They are enthusiastic, optimistic, talkative, persuasive, impulsive and emotional.

A couple of pointers for interacting with someone who is a strong I:

  • I’s are motivated by approval, flattery, praise, popularity or acceptance by others
  • They work best in a friendly and fun environment, they need social time to be productive
  • Take the time to listen to their ideas
  • Don’t make them feel rejected
  • They probably need a little help with adding structure to their work
  • Don’t assume their research is thorough. I’s tend to be impulsive and creative and with that they sometimes skip smaller details
  • They might say “yes” too soon and overpromise: they might need a little help with estimating work
  • Starting projects is not a problem, finishing could be one