I wrote a user guide for myself. If we’re working together, use this to get to know me faster. I was inspired by this article, and following the footsteps of Alex.


  • I think a lot about my priorities for my week. You can find them in my calendar.
  • I like structure and repeatability. I can go into overdrive with this. For some people, it can block creativity. Call me out on that if you feel that’s happening and I’m moving too fast or I’m trying to overly structure things.
  • I value fast and simple over complex things. I can also go into overdrive with this one. I’m aware that I can leave out the ‘fun’. Call me out if I’m doing that, that’s appreciated.
  • I like status updates. You can’t send me enough of them. I’ll always read it and most likely send you some thoughts on it.


  • I kind of like meetings to get things done. I like a structured agenda and I think a focussed meeting is really important. Just like I mentioned before, with this I can lose a bit of spontaneity. Please mention it if that’s the case.
  • I want to start on time and I’ll get frustrated if this is not happening. And even more if you’re late and didn’t let me know. It is valuable time, so please keep everyone informed.
  • There’s two other things I really hate: when people are doing other things in meetings on their phones or laptops, and when people are eating in meetings.


  • I need time to digest plans, ideas and suggestions. I’ll mention that to you. That means I’m taking your idea seriously.
  • The more you can inform me on the reasoning behind your idea, the better. I like e-mail, a Google Presentation or a Google Doc. Whichever works for you.
  • I really get annoyed if I sense that you didn’t spend the time to really think about things yourself, but I find it hard to voice this sometimes. Please call me out on that.
  • If you want to convince me, it always works if you connect your ideas to
    • 1) The bigger picture, or
    • 2) Something related to productivity


  • If you’re reporting to me, we’ll have a weekly 1:1.
  • You are in the lead of this 1:1. I’ll always start with ‘whats going on?’. It is a time to chat, get to know each other better and share things you’re thinking about.
  • I’m perfectly fine discussing projects and work, if that’s what you need. I don’t expect that though.
  • 1:1’s are the perfect time for feedback for me (highly appreciated)


  • I have very high expectations of the people around me, but sometimes I forget to mention that I know we all do things differently and that’s fine.
  • The thing I expect most is (and that’s sometimes not completely fair) that you guard your own time. I work a lot, I don’t expect that from you. Talk about this if you feel this way.


  • I do most of my creative, thinking work in the morning.
  • I love repeatability, so you can find me in the office almost always around 8.30/9.00.
  • Mondays are for meetings. 1:1s are on Wednesdays. I’m preparing my next week on Friday afternoon and I’m often continuing this thinking in the weekends.
  • I work on things in the evenings and weekends. I don’t expect you to do that.

Communication and other stuff

  • If we work together, you can reach me at any time during the week. If you want my opinion on something, send me an email. If it’s urgent, use Telegram or call.
  • I read a lot, only non-fiction. I listen to a lot of podcasts about work.