Some time ago, I wrote about DISC. In the next four days, we’re going to take a closer look at each of the types that make up this model. Today: dominance.

My goal with this series is twofold: the first objective is that you’ll be able to list the characteristics of each type. The second part will list a couple of things you as a leader can do to make working together with in this case a “strong D” a bit easier.

D’s are active task-oriented and leaders. They feel comfortable making decisions, are result oriented and focussed on the bottom-line.

A couple of pointers for interacting with someone who is a strong D:

  • They are motivated by new challenges
  • They are motivated by setting and achieving goals, where they can see tangible results
  • Avoid repetition, as that will be frustrating for them
  • They desire recognition, awards and prestige for their work and ideas
  • They like people who are direct, to the point and brief
  • Talk about the “what” instead of the “how”
  • Focus on business instead of social topics
  • Be confident and focus on problem solving: make suggestions on how to achieve the goal instead of why something won’t work
  • Don’t focus on the problems, negative points and small details