In this third part of four posts, we’re looking at the steadiness type in DISC.

S’s are people oriented, steady, stable and predictable. Friendly, generous with loved ones, understanding and good listeners. Prefers close and personal relationships. They’re compliant and strive for consensus.

A couple of pointers for interacting with someone who is a strong S:

  • They are good with routine. If you can keep their routines in place, they’ll be more productive
  • If something needs to be changed, be sure to loop in the S’s as soon as you can and give them enough time to adjust
  • Don’t assume S’s will voice their grudges and frustrations, as they might be avoiding conflict
  • Don’t assume they will say no if it is needed to maintain their own integrity and priorities: they want to please others
  • They are motivated by peace and security
  • They enjoy repetition and patterns
  • They value genuine interest in them as a person, this will help them to open up