Recently I’ve read a blog from Chris Guillebeau on conducting your own annual review ( It is a great article and it got me thinking of my own review and goals for next year. As Peter Drucker once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, so that’s what I’m trying to do here. Setting goals for yourself will add structure to your days, weeks and months. It can help you make decisions easier and faster.

There are several ways to tackle this. You could go with Chris and block a couple of days to write stuff down. His review entails more than just new goals for his next year, he also sifts trough his goals for past year to learn what went well and what can improve. For now, I’ve blocked one day in my calendar to really sit down and make a plan for next year.

At this moment, I have a list with goals for next year I’m constantly updating. I also have my personal bucket list of things and projects (if you’re GTD, this would be my someday/maybe list). Anything that pops to mind which could be interesting to add as a goal would winds up on either of those lists.

I’m planning on fleshing out the details of my personal annual review in the upcoming months, as we progress towards the date of the review. This are my thoughts so far, heavily based on the post from Chris:

  • What went well / what did not go well?
  • Results from last year (this can be short this first year, as I did not really set personal goals to check up on)
  • Planning for next year. The subcategories need to be fleshed out, but at least include: Business/Work, Friends & Family, Spiritual, Health, Financial (earning, giving, saving), Learning
  • List a couple of next actions for each goal
  • Schedule reminders
  • Possible additional goals (this is something to further look into)
  • Theme for the Year
  • Metrics (Books read, Blog Posts, People on Life List, Major Projects Accomplished, Long-term Savings, Books to read again)

I think the trick is to combine it with a 5 year plan and keep the yearly review relatively lightweight so it won’t feel as a burden but as a tool to propel myself forward into the next year. I’m planning on updating the review plan as this year draws to a close and documenting the process on this blog.