Each week on saturday I’m planning on sharing interesting small bits on technology, development and lifehacking I’ve gathered during the past week. Too small for a separate blog, too big for a tweet.

Very interesting slideshow with the core values of HubSpot. It’s about Solving For The Customer, being radically transparent and other great features. Via @lennardveldwijk.

Another slideshow (less long than the previous slideshow) with a couple of interesting thoughts. I like #10: “The Price of Success is Failure After Failure After Failure”. Also via @lennardveldwijk.

Get Bower to work with Symfony to manage web assets.

Easy way to make Google Maps and other embeddable stuff responsive (like Youtube video’s)

If you are an Objective-C dev, the NSHipster blog should be high up your reading list. The post mentioned is a great one on the different compiler directives in Objective-C (for non geeks: Objective-C is the programming language used to write iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps).

A great blog article on automating setting up your test database with Symfony.