We’re interviewing a ton of people, as we are trying to grow the team. Interviewing is really difficult if you’re doing it alone, but it gets even more complex if you have multiple people involved who all have their opinions based on what they think is important.

This is why we’re using three simple keywords to grade all new applicants. By scoring every new person on these values, we quickly get a sense of how someone measures up. Because you turn something fuzzy into something measurable, it becomes possible to create a set of (still bendable) rules. For example: when grading from 1 to 5, someone must have at least two 3’s to consider the next round of interviews.

We are using the three keywords “boss” (are you good at what you do?), “drive” (how enthousiastic or motivated are you?) and “fit” (what do you bring to our culture to both match and expand it?). For each of them, we have created a description of how an ideal candidate should behave or what kind of qualities someone should possess. Still really difficult, but it is definitely a good place to start.

By creating your own framework, you can start adding some more structure to your interviewing and hiring process.