Self-improving is a skill in itself. If we can get better at getting better, this too will get easier and we can have a bigger impact with the changes we make.

A couple of things that help me:

  • Keep track of things that you want to do better. All improving starts by measuring and logging things. If you don’t have a system in place where you can actually store the things you want to improve, it is hard to come up with ideas to work on.
  • Focus is key. The last 20% is super hard to optimize. You can get the basics in without too much trouble, stretching it to perfection is hard. If you get better at focussing, everything gets better.
  • Grow in receiving feedback. If we want to improve, we can’t just focus on what we are able to detect ourselves. You learn by asking for feedback and gathering a group of people around you to sharpen and correct you.