“Mediocre” means that something is average. Not very good. Average stuff is easy to create. Producing something that rises above it is difficult. Consistently producing something that’s better than average is even harder.

Mediocrity means living an average life. Don’t confuse an “average life” with “not being super rich” or “not being famous”. Mediocrity means that you live a live you rank as average. Routine, while it can be a great source of productivity, could result in mediocrity because it doesn’t stretch you so much.

You and I have far too much potential to accept mediocrity, and this is all about ambition. Don’t accept the average. Don’t settle. Don’t listen to other people who tell you what you can’t or shouldn’t try. Whatever you accomplished, why not aim for a little more: in your life, in this year, in this quarter, this week and especially today.