Did you skimm the subject of this email and thought “I’m skipping this one, I know what he’s going to say”? That could be a signal that you could be dismissing other great ideas as well. In other words: do you really have an open mind?

Just to make this clear: it is not about you not reading my emails, that’s totally fine. If once in a while you get something out of it, I’m happy. But: it is really easy to dismiss new thoughts because you feel you know why it is not right. You probably know a couple of friends who do this all the time. Especially when you touch on a specific topic. They’re simply not open to new things and that’s super annoying.

Nobody is 100% open minded. We all have our things that we totally believe in. At the same time, no one is 100% right. So we have work to do.

As an exercise on your own or (scary!) with someone else, explore this question: what do you think are areas where I’m close minded?