In this fourth and final part of four posts, we’re looking at the conscientious type in DISC.

C’s are task oriented, but not in an outgoing kind of way, like the D’s are. They are accurate, precise and detail-oriented. Analytical thinkers. Good with lots of small details.

A couple of pointers for interacting with someone who is a strong C:

  • They will be avoiding conflict
  • They fare well with structure
  • They can get bogged down with small details
  • They don’t need too much socializing, they might in fact prefer working alone
  • They work well with independence and autonomy, as long as the expectations and goals are clearly laid out
  • If change is required, they like the change to be well thought out and planned
  • They like to know the preparations are done properly, so if you can provide them with more data and background, that will work well for them