There are a couple of sources I turn to for my inspiration, learning and for keeping up to date in tech.

First off is a podcast, and I talked about it before, and this one is Manager Tools. They also have a variant with all kinds of various career-related things, which is called Career Tools. Manager Tools is covering so much stuff in such a great depth and I learned a ton just by listening to their weekly episodes.

Secondly, if you’re following tech and mobile, the newsletter from Benedict Evans is a weekly must read. It’s not just a collection of links, Benedict shares his view of what the past week means for us as well.

Following a lot of blogs, but three of them are must reads:

  • Daring Fireball by John Gruber for all things Apple, mobile and tech. Occasional background pieces are really good, mostly links and excerpts which keep you up to date on tech.
  • Pixelenvy is a daily web column by Nick Heer. Must read.
  • Stratechery (10$/month). Super high quality daily posts with deep insights about startups, large tech companies. Worth every dollar.