Attitude can be viewed as a “state of being”, but instead it should be viewed as a skill.

In general, everyone likes a positive, stimulating but at the same time honest attitude. Most people dislike a dishonest, insincere or hypercritical person. It pays off to have people like you because of your attitude. Not because your end goal is for people to like you, but because it helps you to collaborate better.

I hit a roadblock yesterday with one of our guys. We didn’t understand each other well and my response was out of line and this showed a bad attitude. One of the other guys pointed this out to me, I had a chat with my “victim” and we were all good again.

More focus on my attitude could have prevented this situation. The fact that I have the privilege to work with people that will point out my weak points changed my attitude and feelings about this situation. Talking over the situation and admitting my mistake is an example where I recovered my attitude.

Surround yourself with people who share your positive attitude and who will help you improve. Apologize fast and don't dwell on it. Be aware that attitude is a skill, not an emotion. You have the ability to change it.