In the beginning of 2015 I made a commitment to not watch TV series and movies for a year, to see what would happen with the crazy amount of time I now “created”. Would I be rocking productive? I guess I was, it was a good year.

This year, well, let’s just say I get addicted easily. I let go of my constraint and I have watched a couple of series, including 5 complete seasons of Game of Thrones. Which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This goes back to a post from last week (black and white): it is so much harder for me to maintain a healthy level of this stuff when I'm going for a balanced approach. Last year was hard from time to time, but it gave me a lot of energy to invest in other projects at the same time as well.

Where to go with this one? Am I so bad with limiting myself to just watching one episode? Eat one hand of peanuts? I guess I am.

For me, there is one solution. Work on things that matter and be disciplined about the other things. Make commitments so it is impossible to waste enormous amounts of time watching TV (like I did). Next to watching more TV, this is also my 99th post of this year. At some point I have to turn the stuff off to get my work done.

I’m super curious how you guys tackle this one. It is one of the larger questions I have and really struggle with from time to time.