As you might be looking at your roadmap today, I wanted to share a couple of resources and things that might help you with it. It is primarily focussed on getting new and fresh input.

  1. Review your product: sign up for a new account, review the first experience as a new user and convert to a paid plan. Basically, just go over all the features and use them.
  2. Three engines of growth: sticky growth, viral growth, paid growth –
  3. Input from users that contacted support.
  4. Interview a couple of your users.
  5. Think about scale: what are things that need to be addressed that block you from scaling your product? Keep in mind that most of these things can probably be fixed as soon as the product is actually scaling, but (depending on what you are building) translating your product or application could have a huge impact on your scale.

What are your resources you use most to build your roadmap?