On Monday, most of you will officially start working again after a couple of well deserved days off. Today might be a great time to set apart a couple of hours to create a plan of attack for 2016. Two years ago I wrote down how I do this and I have repeated it both last year and just last week.

The basics:

  • Review 2015: this helps to get to know what went well, and what didn’t go according to plan.
  • Brainstorm on a list of categories: for sections like work, health, family, friends and financials, brainstorm what kind of stuff you’d like to tackle. Think big. Also an interesting category: things you want to quit.
  • Finally, it is time to make a concrete list of things for this year. Last year, my list was way too long, so this year, I picked one large project (which you are currently enjoying) and mostly smaller things on the side.

So, set apart some time this weekend to draw up your plans. I have no doubt that it will help make 2016 an awesome year.