Product? Slack

What does it do? A tool for chatting with co-workers. A pretty IRC.

Home page

Slack home page

  • Friendly home page with a sign up form right in the middle
  • Sign up only takes an email address and company name

Thank you page

Slack thank you page

  • A cool success state, even though it is only the first step

Confirmation email

Slack confirm email

  • The confirmation is branded as ‘invitation’ which sounds way friendlier than ‘confirmation’
  • Nice to add always free below the clear green call to action button


Slack welcome

  • After clicking the button to confirm, a fancy welcome page is shown. Nice colors and clear buttons
  • The ability to switch email address is good (even though this must cause for technical difficulties)
  • I like it that the “green path” – the options to follow on a good sign up flow – is a bit darker than the alternate options (switch to a different address)

Pick a team name

Slack pick a team name

  • Clearly explained why I have to do this
  • Question: is it possible to change this later?

Set up your team URL

Slack set up your team URL

  • Clear form, just like the previous one
  • Same question as before: is it possible to change this later? That would make this step even easier

Configure email domain

Slack configure email domain

  • This makes the following signups easier, but it adds a bit complexity for new accounts like mine. Another approach could be to enable this by default and have me approve new additions to the team (with an option to disable it then)

Send invitations

Slack send invitations

  • Chatting with people requires other people: you can invite others in this step, however, I can only invite others within my domain

Choose a username

Slack choose username

  • It automatically corrects (removes spaces and uppercase chars), which is good because I found it a bit confusing first: do I have to enter my full name here? Or more like a user ID? Seems to be the latter.

Set up your password

Slack setup password

  • Nice password strength indicator
  • Clear indication for Slack sending me email

Welcome to Slack

Slack welcome part 1

  • Just a nice welcome and I expect a little explanation on how to use Slack in 3 slides

Welcome to Slack Part 2: Synced and Searchable

Slack welcome part 2

  • Ah, some text on that everything is synced

Welcome to Slack Part 3: Install apps

Welcome part 3

  • Links to different apps to install on my devices
  • 3 bullets fly out to the main area’s of the webchat

Welcome tips

Slack tips

  • Screenshot of one of the tooltips, friendly messages to help a new user get around
  • The copy is friendly, pleasure to read
  • There is an option to opt out of these tips so you can dismiss them all if you want

Slackbot introduction

Slackbot introduction

  • After looking around a bit, the Slackbot starts to talk to the new user
  • It asks you questions like “What is your first name?”, “What it your role on your team?”
  • After filling up your profile, it asks for email addresses to send people invites for Slack
  • This is definitely one of the best signup and onboarding flows so far. Clear forms, useful tooltips and used the product to set up my account. Really good!