What does it do? Meetup is a platform for meeting new and likeminded people via get-togethers based on your interests.

Home page home page

  • Inviting image
  • Clear call to action buttons to sign up, which is next up

Sign up sign up

  • Clear form with three fields: name, email and password
  • I like it that it is very clear that your name will be public for everyone on the website

A little about me about me

  • Short and friendly form
  • The city dropdown could be targeted a bit better, based on my IP address this could be pre-filled

Add your face add your face

  • I like it that there is a large “Import from Facebook” option, most people have it and have their best picture on there anyway
  • Option to skip this step is good

Confirm your account confirm your account

  • I think this is the first website where a confirm your account option is mandatory before I’m able to access my account. I always hate it when this happens.
  • The added quote is a nice touch

Specify interests specify interests

  • After confirming my account, on this page I’m able to select one or more interests
  • It doesn’t seem like I have to select at least a couple of interests before I’m able to continue

Pick Meetup groups pick groups

  • After selecting my interests, I’m presented with a list of Meetup groups, which are related to my interests
  • Endless list and I like the way the meetups are presented
  • I missed this before: there are almost no hoverstates used. Could make browsing these kind of pages so much more fun.
  • I like the little animation on selecting a group

Meetup feed feed

  • I’m seeing a list of meetups, again related to my interests and groups I’ve selected
  • Besides the confirm my account email I didn’t receive a welcome mail