So you are not binging House of Cards right now? That’s good.

Product? Meerkat for iOS

What does it do? With Meerkat, you can instantly start a video stream and broadcast it to your Twitter followers, right from your phone.

Log in with Twitter

Log in

  • First app launch: notification-alert
  • After OKing: access location while using the app-alert
  • After this rocky start, the view contains a single button: Log in with Twitter

Home screen

Home screen

  • The only thing I’m able to do is start or schedule a stream
  • No onboarding or welcome screen which explains what will happen
  • I guess none of the people I follow or follow me have this app, but I do not get a notification about this
  • On starting a stream, I don't get any notification that this will be announced with a tweet
  • I'm not able to customize the tweet
  • Everything happens on Twitter, this is good, I don’t have to enter anything about myself at all