What does it do? Remember how your first e-mail address was an Hotmail account? Well, this is what it has grown into. While just about everyone switched to Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail morphed into MSN Hotmail then into Windows Live Mail and from there it became Windows Live Hotmail. is a webbased e-mail service.

Ok, before we dive in, FLASHBACK:

MSN Messenger homepage homepage

  • No option to switch to English
  • The banner on the left is focussed op current users, the whole page is aimed at existing members instead of acquiring new users

Create an account

Outlook create an account

  • A huge form to fill out. A bit obvious because it will create a new e-mail address.
  • The password cannot be longer than 16 characters…

Welcome to your new inbox

Outlook welcome to inbox

  • An introduction to the new
  • There is a video about the “new” inbox, but it has no inviting button to click on


Outlook inbox

  • This is it, after closing the welcome message I’m being dropped in my new inbox
  • There is a big advertisement displayed on the right