Product? The New York Times

What does it do? Creating a NYT account enabled you to save articles for later and you can add a creditcard to your account to start purchasing articles online.

Home page

NYT home page

  • The NYT homepage is very focussed on feeding you stories
  • There is no sign up button, just a method to subscribe or log in

Log in

NYT log in

  • The log in view contains a link to create a new account

Sign up

NYT sign up

  • Either sign up with Google or manual sign up
  • A password repeat option! Don’t see that very often anymore

Another sign up?

NYT sign up part 2

  • In the next view, I have to re-enter my password? A bit strange, because I set it the view before this one. AH! My password was too long.
  • I can again use the Sign up with Google button
  • I can sign up for 8 (!) different newsletters. Uh, no thanks.


NYT welcome after signup

  • Just a welcome screen which points me towards my inbox (to start my New York Times experience), but also has a button “Continue”. Not clear at all what I should do now.

NYT home page

NYT home page

  • Clicking the “Continue” button brings me back to the NYT home page, but I am logged in
  • I received an e-mail to help me get started on the website: save articles for later, how to share comments, how to share content with my network and a special offer for newly registered users. Interesting detail is that I received an offer on the website to upgrade with euro’s (they detected I’m from Europe), but I received a special offer in the e-mail for 99¢
  • I’d expect more upselling during the sign up
  • I’d expect maybe selecting categories I like to read, so they can suggest articles I like
  • All the suggested newsletters were daily newsletters, so I didn’t select one. If a weekly newsletter was offered I would take that.