Product? Vine (iOS)

What does it do? Allows you to capture short, repeating video’s and share those with your followers and Twitter friends.


Vine intro

  • The first thing I’m greeted with is a “Would like to send you notifications” dialog. Can’t believe big apps like Vine can get away with that.

Vine intro 2

  • Animating background looks inviting though

What is your name?

Vine whats your name

  • Single field
  • Movie keeps playing
  • Nice transitions
  • Didn’t spot the option to add a profile picture right away (looked over it), got asked with an extra alert to do this

Other fields

Vine other fields

  • Feels a bit cramped, but that might be because of my old phone
  • Optional phone number, don’t know what for

Show me…

Vine show me

  • The purpose of this screen is not clear to me straight away
  • Apparently they are categories I can follow
  • There is no amount of categories I have to follow or need to select to continue
  • I don’t have a clue what kind of content I can expect
  • I like it that the background color of the checkmark icon corresponds with the color of the category

Find friends

Vine find friends

  • The first thing I got asked was Vine wanting to see all my contacts, not good
  • I can also connect to Twitter
  • I like it that there is also a direct search option, but it is no global search, it only finds people I have added from my address book or Twitter account :(
  • Leaving without connecting accounts shows an alert: “Vine is more fun when you connect with friends!”

Vine feed

Vine feed

  • Starts with popups next to buttons which explains them and a “Got it” button, which sort of guides you through the interface but not really
  • It would have been nice to create my first Vine as part of the onboarding process

Vine finished feed

  • We’re done! Didn’t get an e-mail (yet).