Product? Path for iOS

What does it do? A social network. But only in an app and it is very polished. If you like animations, you’ll love Path.

Path welcome screen

Path welcome

  • Very clean view with just two buttons
  • Animation to show and hide the sign up form is really sweet

Path sign up

Path sign up

  • Just 3 fields: e-mail, password and phone number
  • The country code for entering the phone number matches with my country code, nice

Verify phone number

Path verify phone number

  • A SMS is send to verify my number and connect it to my account
  • Would have expected it to automatically verify after entering the 5th number, but I have to manually tap ‘Verify Me’

Onboarding first step: welcome

Path start onboarding

  • A clean welcome which explains the next steps

Enter full name and add picture

Path add details

  • After tapping ‘Continue’, a dialog shows
  • The full name field could use the capitalize all words setting

Find friends

Path find friends

  • Option to import from various sources, like your address book, Twitter and Gmail account

Enable push notifications

Path enable push notifications

  • A friendly introduction to push notifications
  • Tapping ‘Enable’ will show the Apple notification

Welcome to Path

Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3

  • 3 slides with information about Path

Path main feed

Path main feed

  • The feed is already prefilled with 3 events, and a tooltip is shown which points me to add a moment
  • After a couple of seconds an activity is added, with an additional button to find friends
  • To me, Path is one of the prettiest social networks I’ve seen, and the onboarding process is really smooth and seamless