In part #17, I reviewed the IFTTT signup and onboarding. Today, an interesting set of products was released by IFTTT. 4 mobile apps (iOS and Android): Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note and IF. Simple, single purpose apps with triggers for IFTTT.

I tried the onboarding for Do Button to see if it is any fun and it was very much so!

Explanation of IFTTT and Do Button

Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4

  • 4 slides, which quickly tell the story of the app
  • Some elements animate very nicely from slide to slide during the transition between them

Sign up

Sign up view

  • Enter a username, e-mail and password to continue

Sign up form

  • On tapping the username, the view scrolls up to make space
  • In this mode, it is not possible anymore to scroll down

We’ve set up a recipe

Set up a recipe

  • A screen in style with the rest of the website
  • It tells me they’ve set up a recipe to get started (this is different from the website, where nothing is set up automatically)

Tap the button for the first time

Tapped first time

  • A nice introduction to how this works
  • Tapping it moves to the next view

Awesome, and let’s see what else we got

Lets see more where this is coming from

  • This is nice! A kind message to let me know I’ve done well and a clear pointer to the next step

My Recipes

My recipes look better than yours

  • After continuing, I’m shown this view where I can set up a maximum of 3 buttons to connect with my IFTTT account
  • And after tapping the ‘+’, I am lost for 5 minutes browsing the options: this is really good stuff! You can hook up your button with Facebook (Share your current location), Twitter (Update your profile pic with a random gif), E-mail (Get an e-mail with your current location), etcetera. Really cool!