Product? Airbnb iOS App

What does it do? Find places to stay all around the world, offer your own home as a place for rent.

Home screen

Airbnb home screen

  • First thing that pops up is the allow notification badge, this is

Airbnb home screen

  • The color of the button changes when swiping trough the photo’s
  • The screen displays te steps to find an Airbnb place to rent
  • There is a cross to close the view, closing this allows you to continue without logging in. Feels a bit strange.

Sign up

Airbnb sign up screen

  • This is actually the first place I’ve seen where I can sign up using Sina Weibo (below “More Options…”)

Airbnb sign up form

  • Tapping the e-mail address field shows the full form. It starts with the e-mail address, after that password and full name
  • Sign up button has a nice animation
  • There is no further onboarding
  • I did receive a getting started e-mail

Destination feed

Airbnb feed

  • After completing the sign up, a listing of popular destinations is shown
  • The app has a really funny loader (changing venues)