Hello. Time for another onboarding! Todays product: IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That. A great tool for connecting different services with each other.

Home page

IFTTT home page

  • The IFTTT style is clean, big typography
  • The home page is made ugly by the big banner to download their mobile apps
  • It is not really debatable what to do next: Join IFTTT

Sign up form

IFTTT sign up form

  • 4 fields: username, e-mail, password and confirm password
  • Confirm password is not used much and can easily be reset via a lost password option

Getting started: explanation of the phrase

IFTTT explanation of phrase

  • This is what makes IFTTT so strong: the way it works is explained in the name of the product
  • I have to click on the only blue thing in this screen, this is also good (reusing the same action color consistently)

IFTTT explanation part two

  • Ahhhh animations! Clicking on the “this” scrolls a list of icons which seem to end randomly on “Tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain”. Action color moves to “that”
  • Clicking on “that” animates it to “Send me an email”
  • A progress bar fills up, again with a nice animation

Getting started: connect channels to create a receipe

IFTTT connect channels

  • No action required, just a nice graphic to show how it works
  • Clear next step button

Getting started: select interesting channels

IFTTT select interesting channels

  • It is not really clear why I should select channels
  • I like the colors
  • Missing hoverstates
  • I need to select at least 3 to continue
  • After selecting 3 channels, a nice loading animation spins while my personal dashboard is set up. This takes a while


IFTTT dashboard

  • A collection of recipes I might like
  • No visual indication that I’m done with the onboarding process
  • I did not really create my first channel in onboarding, this was just an explanation
  • Would be cool to guide me trough setting up my first recipe