Product? Prismatic

What does it do? Basically an aggregator for blogs and interesting articles. Suggest things to read based on your interests.

Home page

Prismatic home page

  • Very clean home page
  • The Start Learning button is nice, but using something different than Signup or Register is always tricky

Sign up form: step 1

Prismatic sign up step 1

  • I like this view, it is really clean
  • Still an option to login if I clicked the wrong button
  • Focus is on signing up with Twitter or Facebook, which is smart because of the extra data you get

Sign up form: step 2

Prismatic sign up step 2

  • The e-mail address I’ve entered is transported into this form, so I can re-check it right away for typo’s
  • Focus is already on the username field
  • No real time check for existing username, but all my data is still there in the form when an error is detected

Onboarding: Follow 10 interests

Prismatic follow 10 interests

  • Basically a linear list of interests sorted by category
  • I need so select at least 10 categories


Prismatic feed

  • Very clean overview of the articles, nothing else
  • A nice welcome banner which tells what happens in my feed
  • Halfway down the feed is a “Connect my Facebook and Twitter” box to help build a better feed
  • Did not receive a welcome e-mail, would’ve expected it already :)