Product? Goodreads

What does it do? Track books you are reading, see what friends read and discover new books based on what you’ve read

Home page

Goodreads home page

  • Clear sign up form with just 3 fields: name, e-mail and password

Book recommendations from friends: social connect

Goodreads social connect

  • Little strange “getting started” title at the top
  • Progress bar is good, so this is step one of four
  • I like it that there is a clear explanation of what will happen with the contacts liked to the site
  • They explicitly say that they store contact information as hashes: good stuff

How many books do you read in a year / select genres

Goodreads: How many books in one year?

  • First action is to select the number of books I read in a year. Not sure what is done with this information.

Goodreads select genres

  • After this, I can select the genres I like
  • I do not have to select at least a couple of genres, it is optional

Rate books I’ve read

Goodreads rate books

  • Based on the books I’ve read Goodreads will give me personalized recommendations
  • I like the progress bar, could use some animation though (no animation is used in Goodreads by the way, could really enhance the overall experience)
  • Once I’ve selected books, more books like them pop up to either mark as read or mark as want to read for later


Goodreads recommendations

  • Because I did not rate enough books, no recommendations are available. The previous screen showed recommendations, so why not show them here as well?

Push to connect Facebook

Goodreads connect Facebook timeline

  • Don’t see this often: Goodreads wants me to allows them to publish on my Facebook timeline
  • These dialogs could use some design love, especially the placement of the close cross is really bad

The Goodreads feed

Goodreads feed

  • This view is really chaotic, all kinds of different buttons and actions to take
  • Overall Goodreads is a great platform for discovering books and seeing what friends read, but it could really need a fresh, consistent design