Product? Pocket

What does it do? Save blogposts, video’s, images and websites for a later visit.

Pocket homepage

Pocket homepage

  • Simple and clean
  • Animation for presenting signup form could perform better
  • No option to switch language

Signup form

Pocket signup form

  • Simple format with 4 fields: firstname, lastname, e-mail and password

Welcome to queue

Pocket welcome to queue

  • Short explanation how to use Pocket

Add browser extension

Pocket add to browser

  • Outdated browser screenshot
  • Clicking next invokes browser feature for adding the extension, nice touch:

Pocket force install extension

Queue: add first item

Pocket add first item

  • After closing the extension dialog, a tooltip is presented which points to the plus button
  • The Dutch translation is incorrect

Add item popover

Pocket add item popover

  • After clicking the plus button, a popover view is presented (with another incorrect translation) where I would put my URL

First item added

Pocket first item added

  • I’ve added my first item, now a tooltip invites me to open the added item

Add a second item

Pocket add second item

  • After viewing my first item and closing it, a new tooltip is presented, which asks me to add another item
  • It is not clear what to do, because clicking the area it points to makes the tooltip shake
  • I guess that is the end of the tour, because after clicking the plus icon in the menubar again the tooltip is gone and no next step is required