Product? GitHub

What does it do? Provides hosted version control for source code. Free for open source projects. Paid accounts can use it for private source code hosting.

GitHub home page

GitHub home page

  • Clear homepage with a clear signup form
  • Nice little arrows to indicate valid input

Choose a plan

GitHub choose a plan page

  • Not really an onboarding step, but this view allows to switch to a paid plan right away
  • Received a nice confirmation e-mail
  • The welcome e-mail has the subject “rrrrrrrick + GitHub = <3”. I like this

GitHub Main Feed (and bootcamp)

GitHub main feed

  • This page is supposed to help me set up Git and get up to speed
  • Steps ahead are clearly laid out
  • It is a little confusing: do I need to start with the bootcamp? Because there is also a What’s next? list
  • The bottom part of the page is my personal feed. However, this is not really clear because it is the first post and no other posts are visible.
  • The bootcamp part could be more forced. The onboarding process could use another step where I tell GitHub which languages I use and in which types of projects I’m interested to offer a more interesting timeline.