Product? Pinterest

What does it do? Pin your pictures and images to create a personal wall. Browse other pins to discover your next wedding dress.

Pinterest home page and sign up

Pinterest home page

  • Could not figure out how to switch the site to English, so all screenshots will be in Dutch
  • I like the moving background. It also matches with the topic presented in the main window which is a nice touch

Some other details

Pinterest other details

  • No visual indication how long the onboarding process will be from here
  • I like it that the form is very short and clear

Pick some things you like

Pinterest choose things you like

  • Based on my chosen gender, which is good
  • Once you start picking categories, a progress bar starts to fill up in the bottom of the screen
  • I need to pick at least 5 categories before I can continue

Follow friends from Facebook or Twitter

Pinterest follow friends

  • I like the way the empty state is covered with random drawn faces
  • Clicking Facebook or Twitter toggles the screen and I have to connect Facebook and/or Twitter to find friends
  • There is a skip button for lonely people (like me)
  • On skipping I’m getting an alert to warn me that I won’t see updates and projects from everyone

Install the Pinterest button in your browser

Pinterest install button

  • For extra easy sharing, install the Google Chrome bookmarklet
  • On skipping, an alert is shown: without the button it is harder to share things to Pinterest.
  • After this step a very brief “we’re configuring your account” view is shown

The Pinterest feed

Pinterest feed

  • I still have to confirm my e-mail
  • I see all kinds of interesting pictures, based on my selection earlier