Product? Twitter

What does it do? Tweet, retweet, you know the drill. Keep it short.

Twitter home page

Twitter home page

  • Clear page with nice images

Signup form

Twitter signup form

  • The content I entered on the first page is repeated here. This is a good way to let me validate what I entered before
  • I like the feedback next to each field and the tone is friendly
  • Username has to be unique and it’s validated again after each change in the field

Introduction to onboarding

Twitter onboarding intro

  • Received a personalized e-mail after completing the previous step to confirm my account
  • Onboarding layout feels a bit outdated next to the rest of Twitter
  • Would be nice to have the images on the right to be real time, there is a picture from December 2013 on there
  • Nice to see that onboarding has 6 total steps

Specify my interests

Twitter onboarding interests

  • Funny that the options are specified in Dutch, even though I selected English

Follow suggested users based on interests

Twitter onboarding suggested users

  • Smart move to autofollow all of those users
  • Nice sticky header when I scroll down
  • Again, Dutch suggestions
  • Good to have a confirmation inside the button: “Follow 36 and continue”

Customize my profile

Twitter onboarding customize profile

  • Nice usage of browser API’s to let me take a picture with my webcam
  • Hover over “Upload photo” button reminds me that drag and drop is an option too
  • Ability to skip this step is good

Find people you know

Twitter onboarding find people

  • Good to mention my contacts won’t be bothered
  • Option to skip this step is a bit hidden and in a different place than before
  • I’m not able to find contacts by entering a name or e-mail address myself

Short animation and feed

Twitter main feed

  • After finishing the previous step, a short animation is presented. This is supposed to be step 6, but it is really short. On one hand it is nice to have 5 actual steps and display it as 6, but I’d change it to 5 because it looks easier and shorter.
  • After completing the onboarding process my feed is presented. I still have to confirm my e-mail address, so a notification to do this is presented
  • Done!