Yay my first iPhone app onboarding review!

Product? Instagram for iPhone

What does it do? Shoot pictures, add filters to make them look good and share them with your followers.

Instagram in App Store

Sign up or log in

Instagram sign up or or log in

  • Header animates with nice colors
  • Easy switching between signing up for a new account and logging in
  • I like it that they call it ‘log in with Facebook’ even though I’m signing up

Sign up

Instagram sign up

  • I’m missing a title in the navigationbar
  • E-mail address is prefilled from the previous step
  • Password input is displayed in clear text (maybe because it is a single field, seems like a smart solution. Except for when other people are watching.)
  • Next button is an arrow to the right in the navigationbar, feels strange
  • Has a nice headerpicture

Confirm e-mail address dialog

Instagram confirm e-mail address

  • This was probably added because lots of people make misspellings. It feels a little cheap but is does the trick of helping you to check your address.

Add additional information

Instagram add additional information

  • Again a nice picture as header with additional text
  • Missing title again
  • The awkward next arrow
  • Why would I want to add my phone number when nobody is going to see it?

Follow people from Facebook or address book

Instagram follow Facebook or address book

  • This time, no next arrow is displayed
  • When skipping, you get an strange alert:

Instagram follow alert

Follow more people

Instagram follow more people

  • Again a view which should motivate me to follow people
  • I’m able to connect to Facebook or connect my contacts
  • I’d like an option to search for users here
  • Nice animation on follow (bouncing button)
  • Trigger to follow would be that people post great pictures, but the focus is on bio’s

A message about push notifications

Instagram pre-apple alert

  • A pre-Apple alert to ask me if I want to enable push notifications
  • After pressing OK I’m offered the Apple notifications alert

The main feed

Instagram main feed

  • I see suggestions of people to follow (probably because I just followed the Instagram account)
  • I have one notification, it is from a bot that started following me already, wow
  • I am not directly asked to post my first photo, which seems strange for a photo sharing platform
  • I am not able to follow hashtags (I figured that would be an option. Hashtags are huge in Instagram right?)
  • Received an e-mail to confirm my e-mail address, but from the app it was not clear I had to do that