Product? Dropbox

What does it do? You know Dropbox, doesn’t need explaining.

Dropbox Homepage

First screen: signup form

Dropbox Signup Form

  • Clicking sign up slides out the signup form, nice
  • Content is saved on form error (except for password strength indicator)
  • Opening terms and conditions opens in a new window, saves form data but leaves context

Second screen: upload a file

Dropbox Upload a File

  • I like the progressbar at the top of the window
  • I don’t have to verify my e-mailaddress yet (didn’t receive an e-mail up to this point either)
  • I’m not able to skip this part of the onboarding process
  • Drag and drop is nice

Third screen: share the uploaded file

Dropbox Share File

  • Ability to skip this screen is good
  • Nice to see a preview of the image I’ve uploaded
  • No visual progress of uploading, only a spinner. Process took a while and a real progressbar would have been nice.

Fourth screen: share successful

Dropbox Share Successful

  • Nice, friendly illustration

Fifth screen: Dropbox dashboard

Dropbox Dashboard

  • After finishing the onboarding I know that I am able to upload and to share. But because the interface is really different from the “normal” Dropbox experience, I still don’t know how the service really works.
  • I did not receive a welcome e-mail during the signup/onboarding process, would have expected this.
  • Dropbox has a “Get Started” tour, but it is not really clear after I completed the onboarding process. Would be a very logical step to point to on first dashboard landing or in the welcome e-mail.

Dropbox Get Started Tour

Update: Hah, after 10 minutes, I received an e-mail from Dropbox which tells me to install Dropbox on my computer and/or phone. Still missing the link to the “Get Started” tour to earn my 250 MB bonus though!