Product? Botify

What does it do? Botify helps you improve the SEO of your website or product by scanning it and providing an actionable report.

Onboarding process

Step 1: Signup form

Botify signup form

Step 2: Create project form

Botify create project form


  • The signup process is one step. No e-mail verification. This is good but could be used as an advantage: just one step signup.
  • I have to enter my phonenumber in the first signup phase, which is weird. I am not told why. Always explain why you ask for certain data.
  • After signup I’m dropped into the ‘New Project’ page. My avatar is automatically shown (I guess based on Gravatar), which is nice.
  • I’d suggest building some kind of a wizard for creating a new project: max # of analyzed urls is hard to figure out.
  • Max speed cannot be set to something bigger than 1 for unauthorized urls, so why ask for it here?
  • The help icons should provide info on hover instead of on click.
  • Import my Google Analytics Account sounds like a good option, but I have not connected it yet, so how can data be imported here and what are you going to do with it?