Each week on saturday I’m planning on sharing interesting small bits on technology, development and lifehacking I’ve gathered during the past week. Too small for a separate blog, too big for a tweet.

Ink was created by this company called Zurb to make it very easy to create great looking HTML e-mail templates. They also provide an inliner (a tool to make sure all css is inlined into your HTML. This basically fixes Outlook and a bunch of other e-mail clients).

As you might know, I’m currently in the process of being interviewed and interviewing different companies and people to see if we have a mutual fit so I can land my new job. So far this process has been great, met a lot of awesome people and a bunch of really interesting companies. This blog and its questions has been a great inspiration of my personal preparations for these interviews.

I'd want to switch to Ruby for this tool only. Such a great design and concept.

Looks like Crashlytics is free now. I’m giving them a spin for the official Showdates iOS App!