I'm a huge fan of the Art of Manliness blog. It's a blog dedicated to helping you become a better man and a great resource for anyone who wants to be inspired to lead a more fun and manly life. The other day I read a post which contains 24 podcast suggestions. A couple of the caught my attention, but one in particular: The 5 AM Miracle. In this podcast, Jeff Sanders talks about his perfect morning routine and tries to inspire you to make most of the mornings.

So far, it has been really great to listen to and some plans are forming inside of me to adjust my daily schedule. I like it that he talks about 30 day projects, something that really works for me as well. Check out Jeff's podcast here: http://jeffsanders.com/5ammiraclepodcast/

Starting from tomorrow, I will be staying in a monastery (Sint Willibrords Abdij) for four days. It is my second time there and the perfect moment to think about the new and improved schedule for the day.