Just three weeks ago, my wife and I moved from Zwolle to Amsterdam. To go to work, I'm commuting to Zwolle three days a week and I'm working from home the other two days. Why? Short story: pursuing a dream.

When we got married, little over two years ago, we decided to go and live in Zwolle. The most important reason for it being the distance to my office. All good so far: Zwolle is a great place to live and we really enjoyed our stay there. We love to talk about things we want to do sometime. While sharing we came to the conclusion that moving to a big city was high on both of our lists. Also, moving to a place where we know almost nobody felt both scary but exciting. I feel I'm most alive when I'm in exactly that place between scared and excited. Knowing I'm going to do something I didn't do before.

As with every adventure, there were obstacles. One by one, we nailed them, because we knew what we were aiming for. Some of those, like the feeling of leaving dear friends behind, will stay with us for some time I guess (but how far is Zwolle from Amsterdam, anyway?). And three weeks ago, supported by a lot of friends and family, we stuffed everything we have in a truck. Pursuing this dream together is one of the best things I've done in the past 12 months.