It's been a while! My last challenge turned out not to be a real challenge. Quitting Facebook might be one of the best things I could have done to improve living. This blog has been a great inspiration: First off, I did not write books or created other big things. However, this is what it brought me:

- According to tools I've used to track what I am doing during the day, combined with my personal estimation, I spent around 1 hour on Facebook and other social media websites like Twitter. Not using Facebook means I can get much more done on a day. Enhanced focus helps me to get more done and have more time to relax.

- I was a real addict. Checking Facebook at least every hour. This also means that you re-read posts. A lot. Talk about wasted time. Simply quitting Facebook returns this wasted time which can then be used to do something fun.

- Let's be honest here: people who check their phones continuously annoy me big time. Especially when I'm in a place to enjoy myself, like the cinema, a café or just hanging out with friends. I don't want to be that guy. Another reason to quit.

- Facebook is filled with stuff I don't need to know and distracts me from what is important in a day. It is my goal to live each day as if it is my last. To do this, I need to filter the information that is coming in. Restricting my mind from news and all the information that is shared via Facebook gives enormous space for creativity and a peaceful mind.

- Real connections cannot be made online. They have to be made while spending time face-to-face. Not knowing about little details in everyones life helps me to be more interested in the beautiful person you are. Lets drink (more) coffee together!

Something to think about: I removed my account a couple of days before my birthday. This was tough, because for most people this is the only day every year you'll get attention from more then 10 percent of your friends on Facebook. I felt I needed that attention. But did I really? I decided to remove my account before my yearly moment of fame and put it to the test. My birthday party was a success. So the big question: is it wrong to need this or should you be actively fighting these kind of feelings?

It is possible for some people to manage their Facebook usage. It is also possible for some people to control alcohol usage. Other people need to quit completely because chances are they fall back into their destructive habits. So far it has been great!

As you can see, my 30 day projects have stranded a bit. I'm going to pick it up again next year and will be updating from this very location!