So, this evening I read this:

When thinking about productivity, many people try to squash their human nature and force themselves to be todo-list automatons. The truth is, your energy levels vary throughout the day. The morning is a very precious part of your schedule, and you should try to be very protective of it. It’s your greatest opportunity to really move the needle on tasks that matter.

It can be very tempting to check your inbox and start taping responses to important messages. I’m probably more guilty of this than most. We do this because we easily confuse the sensation of being busy with productivity, but it’s important to realize that they’re not the same thing. Those emails probably aren’t as critical as actually designing something, writing some code, or doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing that week.

The worst part is, when you start answering emails in the morning, you start to get responses. And then you respond to those responses. And the cycle continues! Don’t pride yourself on your sub-millisecond email response time. Instead, accomplish something that actually matters and then look at your inbox.

It is from this article: It inspires me, and I want to see if it is possible to implement it in my daily life. I want to see if it is worth and if I'm able to get more meaningful work done.

I'm going to try it as a next 30 day project. Starting tomorrow, I'm not going to look at my mailbox until 11:30. This gives me a 2,5 hour window of just getting actual stuff done.

A couple of practical notes:

  • I will disable e-mail on my phone, so it's harder to start looking at it around breakfast.
  • I will move more information straight out of my mailbox to our bugtracker or just as files so I don't have to access my mailbox to look for specific stuff.

Lets see how this will turn out!