Well, there it is. My breakfast improved greatly over the last month, but the time has come for the next project. I like Facebook and Twitter, but it is also a great distraction. For the next 30 days, I'm going to cut out these distractions to see if this helps me to focus on things I want to achieve and stuff I want to get done.

The reason I'm eliminating Facebook and Twitter is that I find that while Facebook is great for reading up on what friends are doing, re-reading the same posts over and over again is really a waste of time. I might dive into this concept, because if it would be possible to get a daily digest of everything selected (or even all) friends have posted via e-mail, I would be able to follow people I know well and stay up to date that way!

There are a couple of ideas I'm playing with to fill up the time. There are a couple of books I want to finish, I want to implement a couple of changes to Showdates that have been waiting for some time now and I'm thinking about another pet project to start. Also, starting monday my wife and I are doing an experiment which we had to plan ahead a couple of weeks ago. We blocked all the weekday nights and will have our “evening-vacation” starting monday. I'll be writing how this all pans out over the next week.

Have a great weekend all, and Facebook/Twitter-friends: I'll be back August 12th (Joàn is changing my passwords as we speak, so it's real…)!