Last month, I wrote on changing the sleeping pattern. Removing books and, most important, iDevices from the bedroom. This has been so great, that I can recommend this to anyone. Also, doing (or not doing) something for 30 days is a very helpful tool to help you implement small or bigger changes. Reading in bed is something from the past now. In return, I get more sleep and are more awake in the morning, which gives me almost 2 hours of reading, having breakfast and general waking up to enjoy.

Because this first month was very successful, I want to continue setting monthly goals. This month will be food-related. Up until last monday, my breakfast fell into the ‘boring' category: the same style of breakfast every day. This is not only monotonous, it is not very healthy too (because I'm a peanut butter and chocolate paste addict). This month, my breakfast will look something like this:

Ingredients will vary but to give you some idea:

Preparing consists of throwing a certain amount of all good stuff into a blender or foodprocessor. Varying the amounts of fruit, yoghurt and orangejuice is the key to keep the resulting product drinkable.

Up until now (this breakfast madness has been going on for about a week now) it's been a mind-blowing delicious way of starting the day.