I learned so much from doing this project.

The topics shifted quite a bit: while DailyPM started out as a source of inspiration for product managers, it morphed into strings of posts about productivity and leadership. Which was so much fun. I discovered that writing it a lot easier if you write about something you're really passionate about. And that I did.

Yes, for now I'm ending the daily format. But, as I shared before, I'm going to keep writing. I have to change the format to keep things fresh and keep improving myself. Writing this crazy amount of posts was a huge project for me: I didn't know that I was able to come up with this massive amount of new stuff.

I'm going to keep creating things. I'm not going to be writing more in terms of the amount of words, but I want to see if it is possible to move a little from quantity to quality.

I do know that there is a large group of people that have a huge desire to grow. To learn. And Iā€™d like to contribute to that. The fact that you signed up for this newsletter proves that you are one of those people, and that sets you apart.

So THANK YOU. For following along and for sharing your comments and (always gentle) feedback. This truly was a great year and I enjoyed doing this so much.

Onto 2017.