There are a couple of ideas that are floating around in my head. First: I want to keep writing. So feel free to hang around on this mailinglist or with your RSS reader.

Secondly: here are some of the ideas I'm playing with:

  • I have written around 80.000 words over 366 posts. All unstructured, mostly timeless (I think), inspiration. I'm thinking about ways to restructure this data to make it more accessible and available for when you're doing your own research.
  • A lot of people have shared that they really like the content, but they find daily posts too overwhelming. I can see that ;) so I might be taking on a different schedule with a lower frequency, to force myself to keep writing and to make the newsletter more accessible as well.
  • Someone mentioned to reformat all the content into a book. I'm not sure it is totally suitable for that, but I'll give it some thought.
  • Another crazy thought: I could just reschedule all posts to go out again, with some refinement.

The past year I've been writing a lot of unlinked posts. Next to those, there were a couple of series that got great reception. A couple of them worth mentioning: