The final step in your yearly review is to convert all the input you have gathered so far into actionable goals. Some thoughts on this part:

  • Use SMART or something similar to check if your goals are really actionable
  • Less is more: smaller stuff is easy to fit in later, but you want to focus on a few bigger goals in this phase
  • Make sure to take some time to look at the balance of your goals: how is the weight spread over your year? Are the categories you want to focus on represented in a way you like?
  • Do you have goals that really help you to work towards something big?
  • Do you have things planned that help you push your life into a direction that would really enhance it?
  • Do you get energized from the goals you have listed? Can't wait to get started?

Don't forget that it is perfectly fine to change your goals later. But be sure to craft them with as much precision as you can. It will be a huge help later, when you're going to make progress towards completion.