Passwords. We all have them. And for a long time, I used a couple of passwords for all services I signed up for.

Fast forward to 2016. Colleagues started telling me about how password managers make me more secure. And how it would protect my data. The thing is, while it's a good argument, it was not compelling enough for me to switch. It felt like a lot of work, without solving a real problem I have.

In the mean time I implemented some kind of structure to incorporate some part of the domain (like in my password. To make my passwords unique for every service, while still being able to remember it. This works quite well, but typing passwords is still quite a hassle.

So I finally decided to try out 1Password. And it already saved me so much time. I've set up a family account, so Joàn and me easily swap out our creditcard info when needed. And as a bonus, over the period of a couple of weeks I replaced all my insecure passwords with longer and unique passwords for everything I'm using.

Two points:

  • If you (still) need a reason to start using a password manager, it will make your life easier
  • If you want people to adopt your product, different groups respond to a different message