Yesterday, we were talking about delegation as something that could be a multiplier. There are other things that you can do, as a leader, to really boost your output.

A couple of ideas to consider:

  • Hiring better people. Bringing someone on board who is way smarter than you at something can have a huge effect on your productivity.
  • Training and teaching. By helping others get better you save time in the long run and you improve the work of a big group of people instead of just one.
  • Sharing your vision. Taking the time to share your view on where you should go can have an enormous impact on the quality of the work other people do, because they can make better decisions.
  • Strategic thinking. Knowing where you want to go, alone or with your team, can not only be a big motivation for the people you work with, it is also a huge timesaver: a solid strategy tells you what not to work on.