I just came back from a little trip to Denmark to speak about Blendle. While you can get a lot of stuff done while travelling, there are always so many things you cannot do. This can make returning quite a challenge: you not only have the appointments and things you already had scheduled, but you also have a huge batch of smaller and larger things you have to take care of.

Here is my approach on dealing with this:

  1. Review my calendar and stick to it. I start by reviewing what appointments and things I have scheduled. Some things aren’t urgent and can be moved. Others are more important and have to get done: after reviewing and making some changes I’m sticking to my calendar.
  2. Make sure to take some time to do a mind sweep. I have an app that I use to quickly transfer thoughts into my trusted system. Normally I’ll do my weekly review on Friday, but if you find yourself in a situation like this, I’ll do an impromptu review. To eliminate the feeling that I’m not on top of things, I at least take some time to store my worries in OmniFocus.
  3. Stick to a system and get to work. I previously explained my three layered approach: especially on chaotic days, following a system like this is going to help you to regain control. And the best way to feel less stressed is by just sitting down and doing the work you have scheduled to do.