I wrote about becoming a better quitter on the 15th of August. I told you that I wanted to quit vlogging.

Actually, I stopped vlogging for a couple of days and picked it up again because I missed it so much. I really believe that it not only has no negative impact as I was describing, it actually has a positive influence in the way I work and the quality of work I’m delivering. This morning, I posted the 100th edition. Man, time flies.

Making videos next to these daily posts is so much fun. It continues to change my perspective on the beautiful things around me. It forces me to become a better “public” speaker: both in terms of talking to a camera and becoming better at formulating what I think.

Sundays are great for reflecting on the things you are currently doing, to see if there is a decision you made that you want to reconsider. Because something it better for you, or it is something that gives you so much fun that you want to do it regardless of the cost.