This is a continuation of the post from yesterday.

Keeping pace is your responsibility as a leader: just like with any kind of sports that require durability it needs all your senses to spot whether you’re going to fast or too slow. And to make it even more complex: this will be different for every single person on your team.

I’m by no means an expert on this, but here are some possible clues that point out that you could speed up:

  • Boredness
  • People asking/looking for new challenges
  • Distracted people
  • Lots of questions about the direction of the company
  • People working on the wrong things (from your POV)

And a couple of things that could indicate that you’re going too fast (for them):

  • A lot of sickness
  • The quality of the work is dropping (or isn’t improving)
  • Too much work that is being done during overtime
  • People sharing that they worry a lot

Still figuring out this stuff myself as well: speeding up or slowing down is not the only solution for the issues I’m describing here.